Name: Emerald Package
Price: 35.00 USD

Emerald Package - $35.00

The Emerald package includes the following items and features:

  • 6x Monster Spawners
  • 16x of each Diamond Package Egg to set your spawner
  • 7x Head Tokens
  • 3x Player Heads
  • All Netherite Tools (Efficiency 5, Unbreaking )
  • All Netherite Armour (Protection 4, Unbreaking 3)
  • 3x Beacon
  • 3x Ender Chest
  • 512x Experience Bottles
  • +35000 Claimblocks
  • The + Donor Suffix
  1. (Spawners are not Silkable, Be careful placing them!)
  2. Emerald package Eggs are limited to: Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Pig, Cow, Sheep, Blaze

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